Recording Studio In Burlington, ON

Come Have Some Fun

The recording studio is located in Burlington, ON Canada. Toneland consists of a main control room, vocal booth, and live room. We use ProTools 12 with 2 UA Quad Apollo Interfaces and 2 UA 4-710d pre-amps, a Slate Raven MTi console with Focal SM9’s for monitoring.

Toneland provides a comfortable environment, which makes enduring those long studio sessions more pleasant. We have Wi-Fi and a lounge to relax in while you are taking a break from tracking. The versatility and extensive musical knowledge of Toneland’s engineers make it the perfect studio for any artist or group, no matter what genre!


    • $500.00 / Day (10-12 hrs)
    • $50.00 / Hour
    • $40.00 / Hour (Live off the floor)
    • $300.00 / Day (Producer Rate)
Rates Can Sometimes Be Negotiated On A Project By Project Basis

Mixing rates are half price!