Rehearsal Space In Burlington Ontario

Come Have Some Fun

Come visit our rehearsal space in Burlington Ontario. We have 2 live rooms. Both are equipped with a P.A., 3 microphones, drums, bass rig and two guitar amps with cabinets.  If you prefer you may provide your own amps or drum breakables or pedals, whatever your preference. In addition to being a comfortable jam space, Rehearsal room B is used for the drum isolation room when recording live off the floor.

Rehearsal Room A

Rig Rundown
  • P.A. – Yorkville MC12d Mixer w/ Yorkville Powered Monitors (Speakers)
  • Bass Amp – Traynor 800H w/ 4×10 Speaker Cabinet
  • Guitar Amp – 2 Peavey 5150 w/ Mesa Boogie and Marshall 4×12 speaker cabinets.
  • Yamaha Stage Custom (Bigger Drums) w/ Sabian AAX series Cymbals & Iron Cobra Single Kick Pedal
  • 2 Shure SM 58 vocal mics
  • 1 Shure Beta 57 (lead vocal mic)

$25.00 / Hour

Slots over 2hrs in any room receive their last hour for $10.00.